What makes WiVLA work?
It’s taken countless woman-hours for WiVLA to not only have survived for 25 years, but to have flourished.
I estimate more than 250 local, creative women have put their heads together and found ways to make this monthly group valuable to the members and relevant to the Houston art scene by serving on the board. Ask a former board member and she will tell you what WiVLA has meant to her.

Two founders began it, 25 years of boards of directors have steered it, and now
we are poised to put together a ‘dream team’ board of directors for the 26th year.

The inner workings of a non-profit are not supposed to be a mystery to members. Each of our names and positions, with contact email, are listed in our newsletter and on our website and you are invited to reach out any time you have ideas or comments. Want to sit-in on a board meeting and see how we behave? I can arrange that!
Actually, some board positions have gone unfilled all this year. You wouldn’t notice, though, as we all pull together, help out each other, and always make things happen. That’s our “WiVLA-bility” in action!

But for 2020, going into our next vital 25 years we’d like to start with a full team of women who want to make a difference in the creative lives of Houston-area artists and writers. Maybe you are meticulous with money (Treasurer), wonderful with words (Secretary, Literary Co-Chair, Newsletter), excellent with Excel (Membership), or timely with tech projects (Publicity/Social Media), we have a spot for your skills to shine. Email me any time at
WiVLA’s 2020 is already taking shape with a show at a major Houston museum, high-profile speakers, and career-building workshops. Being on the board will take some of your time and your effort but the returns are immeasurable in personal accomplishment, kinship with other women, and the satisfaction of being part of something greater than yourself.

Lee Steiner