For 25 years WiVLA has provided members and the Houston Visual and Literary Arts community with a fertile and inspiring environment to network and nurture their own creative talents. Discover how WiVLA serves and enriches its members and the greater Houston area below.



Welcome to WiVLA!

For twenty-five years, Women in the Visual and Literary Arts has filled a need for Houston’s creative women.

As president, I am proud to follow the path forged by the dedicated leaders who have kept WiVLA a vital resource for writers and artists in every medium who seek a welcoming community to inspire them.

I’m especially honored to lead WiVLA during our silver anniversary year as we live out the action words we are, as a group, best known for: inspiring, promoting, developing, participating, and, perhaps our best-known action, gathering.

Come to a monthly meeting soon and you’ll see why gathering with like-minded creative women continues to fuel WiVLA’s future by inspiring our members now.



The greatest benefit of a WiVLA membership is the association with the amazing WiVLA members we get to know through our meetings and events. The members’ interests include and often overlap in multiple disciplines:

  • Artists who design, paint, draw, pot, sculpt, print, photograph, carve, weave, videotape, sing, dance and act. Their media include acrylics, ink, graphite, oils, watercolors, pastels, clay, wood, steel, film, software, fabric, paper, glass, gems, precious metals, words and music.

  • Writers who compose essays, poetry, memoirs, fiction including short stories and novels and flash fiction, non-fiction writing on all topics, technical materials, magazine and newspaper features, online articles and blogs, children’s books, plays and monologues, and critiques. 

  • Other creatives who serve as curators, archivists, editors, historians, storytellers, directors, publishers, arts administrators and educators.

We have an active presence on social media and stay in touch with members through a monthly digital newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

WiVLA seeks and maintains contact with a variety of artistic groups in Houston and the surrounding area.



WiVLA sponsors art exhibitions – with 2-D and 3-D art or in conjunction with literary and other artistic genres. See this page for exhibition notices, links to the relevant prospectus, timelines, and deadlines.

The WiVLA Collaborative Exhibitions and Literary Readings have earned notice through many years. A visual or performance artist teams up with a literary artist to produce new work based on a chosen theme.

The collaborative exhibitions may also include the publication of art catalogs, chapbooks, or anthologies.

These publications promote and memorialize the events and become part of the WiVLA archive homed in the University of Houston Special Collections.


Throughout its existence, WiVLA has sponsored literary readings on chosen topics. These readings sometimes accompany an art exhibition and at other times are featured as a single event.

WiVLA writers are invited to participate in the annual WiVLA Reading at Archway Gallery in November of each year and hosted by our dear friends at Archway Gallery. The theme for the evening changes every year and from 10 to 13 writers can read in the beautiful setting of Archway Gallery.

Poetry, play, fiction, essay, memoir…the genre is up to the writer with a host monitoring the time allowed for each writer.



WiVLA has a long history of sponsoring artistic and literary workshops on a variety of topics for its members and often held in conjunction with another artistic group. Workshops bring noted writers, artists, educators, experts in art management, personal growth, and business to give presentations to WiVLA’s members and guests.


Educational and cultural opportunity grant

Starting in 1999, WiVLA awarded two $1,000 Educational and Cultural Opportunity Grants (ECO Grants), one each for a writer and an artist. This means that as of 2019, WiVLA has given $42,000 to 42 women artists to provide support for specific projects that enhanced or will enhance the creative development of the recipients. The selection of the award is by blind drawing from the qualified applicants at the April meeting in each year.

We are very proud of the ECO Grant process and the support it has given to so many members to pursue an artistic project or goal. An internal committee that includes Board Members and past ECO grand winners will screen all entries to ensure that applications are complete and consistent with the intent of the award. Applications that fail this screening will not be included in the drawing.

To be eligible you need to have been a current member for the last two consecutive years.

The ECO application will be available here. You can also email your application to eco@wivla.org or mail the application (postmarked by the deadline) to:

WiVLA ECO Grant Award

P. O. Box 130406

Houston TX 77219-0406

Previous winners have used the award to attend classes and workshops, purchase equipment, improve their workspace, install community art, research books, travel to research sites and museums, hire an editor, attend retreats and conferences, and more. The grants have made a significant difference in the artistic lives of the winners. Please don’t miss the chance to participate in the ECO Grant awards.

Contact info@wivla.org for more information.


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